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Dr. Felix Ravikovich obtained his medical degree and specialized in Internal Medicine in the former Soviet Union. Since 1985, he has practiced in Toronto specializing in allergy and asthma. His presentations at international conferences on the effective treatment with histamine were published in leading medical journals. This is his first book for the general public and medical colleagues.

Dr. Ravikovich describes his clinical experience with histamine a synthetic version of the body's substance that stimulates the body to heal itself. His histamine therapy freed hundreds of asthma, allergy, and migraine sufferers from drugs that have disastrous effects on patients' health and the course of the diseases, for which these drugs are prescribed.

Unlike other books that concentrate on triggers, this book spells out the primary cellular and genetic defects in patients with allergies, asthma, and related diseases and shows how to repair these defects. The author substantiates this through the theoretical works of the world's leading scientists.

Dr. Ravikovich undertook an extensive detective search of literature on molecular biology, immunopharmacology, genetics, and clinical medicine. This led him to unprecedented revelations. The scientific foundation for the treatment that could save millions from suffering and dying, has been concealed by the medical elite to enable the pharmaceutical industry to develop only those drugs that do not cure and ensure indefinite patient dependence.

Dr. Ravikovich tells the story of his own battle with the medical regulatory authorities, which work actively to suppress effective, scientifically grounded medicine to protect not patients', but corporate interests.

Dr. Ravikovich resides in Toronto, Canada where he continues to practice medicine.

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